Flying Tow Bar Ability

This is a build ability a character can use by riding a vehicle or using a gadget. With Flying Tow Bar you can pull down weak Lego walls in higher positions. Flying Tow Bar is a common ability. There are 9 characters and builds with it.

Vehicles and gadgets with Flying Tow Bar ability

Ancient War Elephant new Ancient War Elephant
Hover, Laser, Guardian, and 10 more
Axe Chariot Axe Chariot
Tow Bar, Accelerator Switch, Flight Dock, and 4 more
Blade's Bike Blade's Bike
Accelerator Switch, Flight + Laser, Flight Dock, and 6 more
Enchanted Car new Enchanted Car
Accelerator Switch, Tow Bar, Flying Tow Bar, and 10 more
Hogwarts Express new Hogwarts Express
Accelerator Switch, Tow Bar, Sonar Smash, and 7 more
IMF Scrambler new IMF Scrambler
Accelerator Switch, Special Attack, Special Weapon, and 10 more
Lumpy Car new Lumpy Car
Accelerator Switch, Tow Bar, Rainbow Lego Objects, and 10 more
Phone Home beta Phone Home
Sonar Smash, Silver Lego Blowup, Laser, and 7 more
Travelling Time Train Travelling Time Train
Accelerator Switch, Time Travel Switch, Flight Dock, and 5 more

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