Laser Ability

When playing a character with Laser you can destroy gold Lego objects; melt Lego ice. Laser is a common ability. There are 32 characters and builds with it.

Laser ability

Characters with Laser ability

Abby Yates Abby Yates unique year 2
Charge Transfer, Fix-it, Ghostbusters 2016 Story, and 14 more
Bad Cop Bad Cop
Laser, Lego Movie World, Relic Detector, and 1 more
Blossom new Blossom all-rounder year 2
Dive, Energy Shield, Flight + Laser, and 12 more
Bubbles new Bubbles all-rounder year 2
Atlantis Pools, Dive, Energy Shield, and 15 more
Cyborg Cyborg all-rounder
Big Transformation, DC Comics World, Dive, and 7 more
Finn Finn all-rounder year 2
Acrobat, Adventure Time Level, Adventure Time World, and 9 more
Gamer Kid Gamer Kid all-rounder
Invisibility, Invulnerability, Laser, and 6 more
Peter Venkman Peter Venkman
Ghostbusters Level, Ghostbusters World, Hazard Protection, and 2 more
Raven new Raven unique year 2
Drone, Electricity, Flight + Laser, and 9 more
Starfire new Starfire all-rounder year 2
Acrobat, Atlantis Pools, Dive, and 7 more
Superman Superman all-rounder
DC Comics World, Dive, Flight + Laser, and 12 more

Vehicles and gadgets with Laser ability

Ancient War Elephant new Ancient War Elephant
Hover, Laser, Guardian, and 10 more
Benny's Spaceship Benny's Spaceship
Flight Dock, Flying, Hover or Fly, and 2 more
Blade's Bike Blade's Bike
Accelerator Switch, Flight + Laser, Flight Dock, and 6 more
Cyber Guard Cyber Guard
Super Strength, Digging, Flying, and 2 more
Dalek Dalek
Laser, Flight Dock, Silver Lego Blowup, and 3 more
Enchanted Car new Enchanted Car
Accelerator Switch, Tow Bar, Flying Tow Bar, and 10 more
Flash n' Finish beta Flash n' Finish
Sonar Smash, Laser
G-6155 Spy Hunter G-6155 Spy Hunter
Tow Bar, Accelerator Switch, Sails on Water, and 7 more
Hogwarts Express new Hogwarts Express
Accelerator Switch, Tow Bar, Sonar Smash, and 7 more
IMF Sport Car new IMF Sport Car
Tow Bar, Accelerator Switch, Super Strength, and 3 more
Invisible Jet Invisible Jet
Flight Dock, Stealth, Flying, and 4 more
Joker's Chopper Joker's Chopper
Flight Dock, Flying, Hover or Fly, and 2 more
K-9 K-9
Silver Lego Blowup, Sonar Smash, Laser
Lumpy Car new Lumpy Car
Accelerator Switch, Tow Bar, Rainbow Lego Objects, and 10 more
Ninja Copter Ninja Copter
Flight Dock, Flying, Hover or Fly, and 5 more
Phone Home beta Phone Home
Sonar Smash, Silver Lego Blowup, Laser, and 7 more
Scooby Snack Scooby Snack
Super Strength, Laser, Stealth
Sentry Turret Sentry Turret unique
Sentry Turret, Laser, Flying, and 4 more
Storm Fighter Storm Fighter
Flight Dock, Flying, Hover or Fly, and 4 more
Flight Dock, Stealth, Flying, and 4 more
Taunt-o-Vision Taunt-o-Vision unique
Silver Lego Blowup, Taunt Enemies, Special Weapon, and 1 more

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