Rainbow Lego Objects Ability

When playing a character with Rainbow Lego Objects you can smash rainbow Lego objects. Rainbow Lego Objects is a common ability. There are 5 characters and builds with it.

Characters with Rainbow Lego Objects ability

Bubbles new Bubbles all-rounder year 2
Atlantis Pools, Dive, Energy Shield, and 15 more
Lumpy Space Princess Lumpy Space Princess year 2
Adventure Time World, Boomerang, Hazard Protection, and 3 more
Starfire new Starfire all-rounder year 2
Acrobat, Atlantis Pools, Dive, and 7 more
Unikitty Unikitty
Big Transformation, Lego Movie World, Master Build, and 1 more

Vehicles and gadgets with Rainbow Lego Objects ability

Lumpy Car new Lumpy Car
Accelerator Switch, Tow Bar, Rainbow Lego Objects, and 10 more

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