Sonar Smash Ability

When playing a character with Sonar Smash you can destroy sonar glass. Sonar Smash is a common ability. There are 21 characters and builds with it.

Characters with Sonar Smash ability

Benny Benny
Gliding, Hacking, Lego Movie World, and 4 more
Bubbles new Bubbles all-rounder year 2
Atlantis Pools, Dive, Energy Shield, and 15 more
Homer Simpson Homer Simpson
Big Transformation, Sonar Smash, Super Strength, and 3 more
Jake Jake all-rounder year 2
Adventure Time World, Big Transformation, Digging, and 13 more
Laval Laval
Acrobat, Chi Power, Chima World, and 3 more
Marceline new Marceline all-rounder year 2
Acrobat, Adventure Time World, Cursed Red Objects, and 13 more
Marty McFly Marty McFly
Back to the Future Level, Back to the Future World, Sonar Smash
Slimer Slimer unique
Boomerang, Dive, Flying, and 13 more
Sloth new Sloth all-rounder year 2
Acrobat, Digging, Dive, and 15 more
The Doctor The Doctor
Doctor Who Level, Doctor Who World, Fix-it, and 4 more

Vehicles and gadgets with Sonar Smash ability

Batmobile Batmobile
Accelerator Switch, Sonar Smash, Tow Bar, and 1 more
Enchanted Car new Enchanted Car
Accelerator Switch, Tow Bar, Flying Tow Bar, and 10 more
Flash n' Finish beta Flash n' Finish
Sonar Smash, Laser
Gyrosphere Gyrosphere
Gyropshere Switch, Sonar Smash, Speed, and 1 more
Hogwarts Express new Hogwarts Express
Accelerator Switch, Tow Bar, Sonar Smash, and 7 more
Jakemobile new Jakemobile
Tow Bar, Guardian, Accelerator Switch, and 5 more
K-9 K-9
Silver Lego Blowup, Sonar Smash, Laser
Lumpy Car new Lumpy Car
Accelerator Switch, Tow Bar, Rainbow Lego Objects, and 10 more
Phone Home beta Phone Home
Sonar Smash, Silver Lego Blowup, Laser, and 7 more
Sonic Speedster beta Sonic Speedster
Accelerator Switch, Flying, Sonar Smash
Winged Monkey Winged Monkey
Flying, Hover or Fly, Sonar Smash

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