Super Strength Handles Ability

When playing a character with Super Strength Handles you can pull super strength handles. Super Strength Handles is a common ability. There are 17 characters and builds with it. This ability was introduced with year 2. Many year 1 characters with super strength ability also got this ability. The vehicles with super strength handles are to be confirmed.

Characters with Super Strength Handles ability

Abby Yates Abby Yates unique year 2
Charge Transfer, Fix-it, Ghostbusters 2016 Story, and 14 more
B.A. Baracus B.A. Baracus unique year 2
A-Team Adventure World, A-Team Master Build, Fix-it, and 5 more
Bane Bane
Big Transformation, DC Comics World, Hazard Protection, and 2 more
Buttercup new Buttercup all-rounder year 2
Dive, Energy Shield, Flying, and 10 more
Cole Cole
Acrobat, Laser Deflector, Ninjago World, and 4 more
Cyborg Cyborg all-rounder
Big Transformation, DC Comics World, Dive, and 7 more
Eris Eris
Chi Power, Chima World, Flying, and 4 more
Gamer Kid Gamer Kid all-rounder
Invisibility, Invulnerability, Laser, and 6 more
Gimli Gimli
Lord of the Rings World, Mini Access, Super Strength, and 1 more
Harley Quinn Harley Quinn
Acrobat, DC Comics World, Super Strength, and 1 more
Homer Simpson Homer Simpson
Big Transformation, Sonar Smash, Super Strength, and 3 more
Jake Jake all-rounder year 2
Adventure Time World, Big Transformation, Digging, and 13 more
Sloth new Sloth all-rounder year 2
Acrobat, Digging, Dive, and 15 more
Stay Puft Stay Puft
Big Transformation, Ghostbusters World, Hazard Protection, and 2 more
Superman Superman all-rounder
DC Comics World, Dive, Flight + Laser, and 12 more
Wonder Woman Wonder Woman all-rounder
Acrobat, Boomerang, DC Comics World, and 12 more

Vehicles and gadgets with Super Strength Handles ability

Emmet's Excavator Emmet's Excavator
Accelerator Switch, Digging, Tow Bar, and 2 more

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