Vine Cut Ability

When playing a character with Vine Cut you can cut green vines. Vine Cut is a common ability. There are 7 characters and builds with it.

Characters with Vine Cut ability

Excalibur Batman new Excalibur Batman all-rounder year 2
Boomerang, Grapple, Laser Deflector, and 6 more
Finn Finn all-rounder year 2
Acrobat, Adventure Time Level, Adventure Time World, and 9 more
Marceline new Marceline all-rounder year 2
Acrobat, Adventure Time World, Cursed Red Objects, and 13 more
Owen Owen
Jurassic World, Stealth, Target, and 2 more
Stripe new Stripe year 2
Acrobat, Digging, Gremlins World, and 2 more

Vehicles and gadgets with Vine Cut ability

Enchanted Car new Enchanted Car
Accelerator Switch, Tow Bar, Flying Tow Bar, and 10 more
Velociraptor Velociraptor
Vine Cut, Super Strength, Digging

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