Wave 3 - Year 1 (January 2016)

Wave 3 contains 5 packs, 6 characters and 7 builds. Wave 3 was released in January 2016 as part of the year 1 waves.

All packs in wave 3

Completionist: All packs labeled as 'must-buy' are needed to complete the game.


Ghostbusters™ Level Pack must-buy
DC Comics™
DC Comics™ Team Pack
Cyberman Fun Pack must-buy
Sensei Wu
Sensei Wu Fun Pack
Doc Brown
Doc Brown Fun Pack

Characters included in wave 3

Peter Venkman Peter Venkman
Ghostbusters Level, Ghostbusters World, Hazard Protection, and 2 more
Joker Joker
DC Comics World, Electricity, Grapple, and 2 more
Harley Quinn Harley Quinn
Acrobat, DC Comics World, Super Strength, and 1 more
Cyberman Cyberman unique
Dive, Doctor Who World, Drone, and 11 more
Sensei Wu Sensei Wu
Acrobat, Gliding, Ninjago World, and 3 more
Doc Brown Doc Brown
Back to the Future World, Drone, Fix-it, and 3 more

Builds included in wave 3

Ecto-1 Ecto-1
Accelerator Switch, Underwater Silver Destroy, Underwater Target, and 8 more
Ghost Trap Ghost Trap
Trap Ghosts
Joker's Chopper Joker's Chopper
Flight Dock, Flying, Hover or Fly, and 2 more
Quinn Mobile Quinn Mobile
Accelerator Switch, Tow Bar, Flying, and 1 more
Dalek Dalek
Laser, Flight Dock, Silver Lego Blowup, and 3 more
Flying White Dragon Flying White Dragon
Flying, Hover or Fly, Freeze Breath, and 3 more
Travelling Time Train Travelling Time Train
Accelerator Switch, Time Travel Switch, Flight Dock, and 5 more