Wave 4 - Year 1 (March 2016)

Wave 4 contains 4 packs, 4 characters and 5 builds. Wave 4 was released in March 2016 as part of the year 1 waves.

All packs in wave 4

Completionist: All packs labeled as 'must-buy' are needed to complete the game.


Midway Arcade™
Midway Arcade™ Level Pack must-buy
Aquaman Fun Pack
Superman Fun Pack
Stay Puft
Stay Puft Fun Pack

Characters included in wave 4

Gamer Kid Gamer Kid all-rounder
Invisibility, Invulnerability, Laser, and 6 more
Aquaman Aquaman
Atlantis Pools, Dive, Growth, and 4 more
Superman Superman all-rounder
DC Comics World, Dive, Flight + Laser, and 12 more
Stay Puft Stay Puft
Big Transformation, Ghostbusters World, Hazard Protection, and 2 more

Builds included in wave 4

G-6155 Spy Hunter G-6155 Spy Hunter
Tow Bar, Accelerator Switch, Sails on Water, and 7 more
Arcade Machine Arcade Machine unique
Arcade Station, Flying, Hover or Fly, and 1 more
Aqua Watercraft Aqua Watercraft
Dive, Underwater Silver Destroy, Underwater Target, and 2 more
Hover Pod Hover Pod
Flying, Hover or Fly, Flight Dock, and 3 more
Terror Dog Terror Dog
Digging, Flying, Hover or Fly